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Fine Bone China
Arris collection with 23 products
Arris 23 products 3 Likes  
Cornucopia collection with 17 products
Cornucopia 17 products    
English Lace collection with 13 products
English Lace 13 products    
Hibiscus collection with 16 products
Hibiscus 16 products 1 Like  
Mythical Creatures collection with 13 products
Mythical Creatures 13 products 1 Like  
Oberon collection with 16 products
Oberon 16 products 2 Likes  
Parkland collection with 18 products
Parkland 18 products    
Renaissance Gold collection with 20 products
Renaissance Gold 20 products 2 Likes  
Sailor's Farewell collection with 19 products
Sailor's Farewell 19 products    
Signet Platinum collection with 12 products
Signet Platinum 12 products    
Wild Strawberry collection with 16 products
Wild Strawberry 16 products 1 Like  
Gio collection with 21 products
Gio 21 products    
Intaglio collection with 18 products
Intaglio 18 products    
Nantucket Basket collection with 27 products
Nantucket Basket 27 products 4 Likes  
Wedgwood White collection with 15 products
Wedgwood White 15 products 2 Likes  
Wild Strawberry White collection with 10 products
Wild Strawberry White 10 products    
Crystal Stemware and Barware
Globe collection with 6 products
Globe 6 products    
Stainless Flatware
Globe collection with 2 products
Globe 2 products    
Butterfly Bloom collection with 11 products
Butterfly Bloom 11 products    
Cuckoo collection with 12 products
Cuckoo 12 products 1 Like  
Paeonia Blush collection with 14 products
Paeonia Blush 14 products    
Simply Wish collection with 7 products
Simply Wish 7 products    
White Folia collection with 13 products
White Folia 13 products    
Wonderlust collection with 54 products
Wonderlust 54 products    
Blue Pebble collection with 6 products
Blue Pebble 6 products    
Jasper Folia collection with 4 products
Jasper Folia 4 products    
Magnolia Blossom collection with 6 products
Magnolia Blossom 6 products 1 Like  
Peter Rabbit collection with 10 products
Peter Rabbit 10 products    
Signature Tea collection with 15 products
Signature Tea 15 products 1 Like  
Prestige Giftware
Wedgwood by Lee Broom collection with 4 products
Wedgwood by Lee Broom 4 products 1 Like  
Jasper Conran at Wedgwood Fine Bone China
Chinoiserie collection with 3 products
Chinoiserie 3 products    
Chinoiserie  collection with 8 products
Chinoiserie 8 products    
Pin Stripe collection with 14 products
Pin Stripe 14 products    
Platinum collection with 20 products
Platinum 20 products    
White collection with 19 products
White 19 products    
White Strata collection with 17 products
White Strata 17 products    
General Products

Established in 1759, Wedgwood is one of the world’s most renowned English brands. With over 250 years of experience, Wedgwood uses an archive of timeless print and product innovation to create a diverse portfolio of luxury home and lifestyle products. A marriage of heritage and modernity, Wedgwood represents a unique vision of English luxury.

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