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July 23, 2020
Cece Christian at Gaines Jewelers shared
From Christmas presents to wedding presents, you can't go wrong with Waterford. 

These are the items that I have used time and time again.

Waterford Water Pitcher- Great for refilling water glasses and also looks great on the bar with orange juice for mimosas!

Waterford Cake Plate. It is perfect for small cakes (I have to admit that I am not a baker, they are mostly from Publix) I have used it many times as a lift for a tablescape and also on my vanity to hold perfumes and lotions. 

The Biscuit Jar doesn't hold many biscuits in my house.  This jar holds candy, sometimes pens and markers (we have an artist in the house, I am always trying to find containers for all of the pens, markers, and brushes. It is a wonderful jar to hold those cute shower bombs. I am not afraid to bring out my crystal to be used in unexpected places. I am certain that my friends didn't expect their wedding gifts to stay in the box until 2030. 

Ring Holder (I have one beside every sink in my house),  With all of this hand washing these days, I need a place for my rings.

Wine coaster (trust me... when you serve red wine at your first "grown up" dinner party and red wine ends up on your hand stamped tablecloth (you purchased to match your china) you will know what I mean, You need the Wine Coaster or maybe two or three. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Waterford Cross. This is a great gift for so many occasions. A wedding gift, new baby, baptism, a first communion, a sympathy gift, or just the right gift for a friend going through a tough time. 

The champagne chiller is a must have for any home. You need to have a champagne cooler to chill the Veuve Clicquot for the next girls get together...am I right? 

The Waterford vase.. small, medium or large. You will need something to put the flowers in when your husband spontaneously brings home flowers from the grocery store. (I girl can dream, right?)

Lastly, a Waterford decanter- Use it for wine, whiskey, vodka, gin, or mouthwash. Yes, mouthwash! My best friend's mother always had mouthwash in a Waterford decanter in the guest bath along with a Waterford container filled with those little paper or plastic cups. I always imagined that one day I would have a mouthwash decanter. She also had the bedside water carafe and glass beside her bed...Mine is currently in my china cabinet. I am making a mental note to make this my bedtime routine now! 

On my wishlist are some items I didn't register for back in the day... Martini Glasses- They just look fun.  Champagne Coupes or Flutes. Another decanter- you need more than one. 

I have tagged some of the items below. Let us know if you have any questions.  You can text, dm, call or facetime on our "Gaines Store Phone"... (863) 272-4090